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As a young 20 something from London discovering “adulthood”, it’s pretty damn scary. Surviving big people life issues so far has not been my cup of tea. And when you throw in being an Asian girl, bound by cultural norms whilst living in a western society, well you’re having a laugh. But to my joy, I’m not the only one. So, I want to try get through this crap with you.

If you want a little distraction, tips on how to survive life as a fello 20something, or simply advice on everything and anything ,  I present to you the tragic mess that is considered my life. Exposing my mistakes (I mean experiences), I hope to leave you just that little bit more happier, inspired and empowered. You can skip the embarrassment yourself and head straight to “growing”.

Expectations Of An Asian Girl

The pressure for girls to get married is fucking with our wellbeing, in so many more ways than you think.

Dear Inner Critics

“You’re not a good writer, you don’t even know how to pitch! What makes you think anyone wants to read your features? You might as well go for a more conventional role and do that for the rest of your life. You’re literally wasting your time chasing your dreams. Don’t you know your parents have…

Enough is enough!

If London had a national word, it would be sorry. “Sorry!” you say as someone else steps on your foot. “Sorry?” because your colleague shares the voice volume of a mouse, or “Scuse’ me Sorry”, trying not to elbow people as you squeeze yourself out the jubilee line, at Canary Wharf station. A  survey of over…

What They Failed to Tell Us, Young

I don’t know what I expected adulthood to be like. Independence? Freedom? Whatever it was, it sure as hell didn’t include constant stress, emotional trauma, and a crazy number of takeaways. But it’s a part of growing up (she says hopefully). You make mistakes; some more intense than others, cry, learn and repeat it a…

Doing nothing is also productive!

You’re awoken from a blissful sleep to the horrors of what awaits you; a list of things you need to do. “After my coffee”, rightly so. “Let me change first”, that’s fine. “I should probably reply to mum about that thing she needed help with a month ago”, well, okay.  Now what happens is, you…

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